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Safety at the heart of our concerns

The objective of "Safety First" is clear: zero accidents in the workplace and zero occupational illnesses.

Safety First

To achieve the objective of “Safety First” we are mobiling our 110,000 leaders and our stakeholders around four key ares of action:

  • 100% Safety First management,
  • a commitment from our 110,000 leaders to have a “safety” posture for themselves and for others,
  • an organisation in which all ADEO companies have an appropriate safety structure and network,
  • a flow of goods with zero accidents from design through to delivery to our customers.


Safety at the heart of business practices


To implement this ambitious policy, we rely on the legal framework in force in each country but also on our own written rules. We are implementing our “Safety First” strategy locally and also globally, constantly monitoring our operations and increasing awareness. Finally, we monitor safety data to better analyse it and adjust our improvement initiatives. Our ambition is simple: to link performance to the development of practices that ensure a safe and healthy working environment.


A strong commitment internally and with stakeholders


“Safety leaders” have been appointed and are dedicated, full time, to safety. Each ADEO company also has a mandatory safety organisation, in close proximity to field as possible and consistent with its size, as well as a process for reporting and sharing data on workplace accidents. To give the process more weight and impetus, an international committee has been formed. And since we cannot achieve our goals without our suppliers and partners, we involve them in our approach by making our safety requirements clear at the time of the call for tenders or by working with them, for example, on products that are safe to handle.

Examples of initiatives


In Italy, BricoCenter has conducted a campaign on best practices: “Think Safe Work Safe”. Leroy Merlin Romania, for its part, has published a health and safety guide that is distributed to all its sites. As for Leroy Merlin France, the company has deployed the “TMS Pro” program to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Other interesting examples are the psychological support and curative medicine services implemented by Leroy Merlin Portugal in digital format or the workout sessions offered by Leroy Merlin Brazil.


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