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Acting positively while taking care of people and the planet

Every year,
our extra-financial statement reports on the measurement of our human and environmental impacts.

Today, our strategy takes on a new dimension by placing impact at the heart of our concerns.

Acting positively means acting on two levels: human and environmental. It is about taking care of people while preserving the planet. It means mobilising the strengths of all our stakeholders to create an environment that respects the work of our employees, suppliers and partners, preserves resources and the environment, and is accessible to all

Preserve health and ensure safety


Taking care of the safety of our employees, partners and customers is our primary responsibility. It is our duty to provide a safe environment for everyone. We also secure our sales floor, warehouse and logistics areas and ensure that equipment is in place and that the safety rules are applied by all.
To achieve our goal of zero workplace accidents and zero occupational illnesses, we have implemented a specific “Safety First” approach that involves the entire company.


Provide a successful employee experience


When joining ADEO, our employees discover a unique leadership model that allows them to thrive around four cardinal values: authentic, open, interdependent and impactful. We sign a real “human deal” with them that gives them the opportunity to be leaders of a positive future. We are here to offer them a unique career path where they learn new skills and grow in their roles. It is important to us that our employees develop their employability to the maximum.


Deploying managerial proximity


Our employees are able to be autonomous leaders, invested in their mission, because they are accompanied by managers whose role is to include, stimulate, connect and boost. A management model that is consistent with our leadership model, which enables our 110,000 employees to be leaders and contributors within committed teams.


Fostering diversity and inclusion


As an international group, it is essential for us to develop an inclusive culture that takes advantage of the diversity of its employees.
ADEO has set two priority objectives: gender equality and the hiring of disabled people.


These two issues are the focus of all our attention because they are universal and topical in all the countries where we operate. And they are part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
But diversity does not stop at these two dimensions, and other subjects are addressed in our companies, such as ethnic origin, sexual orientation and social origin.


Improving the habitat
In line with our corporate mission “We make home a positive place to live”, we want to make the places we live – our homes, our planet – more positive.
For residents, it means offering them solutions for a healthy habitat, integrated into its environment, economical in water and energy.
And for the planet, it means reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring the preservation of resources.


Offer positive products


At ADEO, we consider the entire life cycle of the product, from the raw materials used in its production, until it is retired.
To do this, we have developed a unique “Positive Products” approach, based on 6 pillars and combining environmental and social criteria. Each stage of the life cycle is addressed through policies and commitments. Through these commitments, we are working to limit our impact and in particular our carbon impact.


For us, positive products are products that come from responsible resources, that are also manufactured in a responsible manner, that respect both the health of the inhabitants and the planet, and that are designed and manufactured to last. This requires us to work closely with our suppliers, partners and other stakeholders in our ecosystem to provide people with products that are safe, have minimal packaging or are of recycled origin, and are innovative.


Reducing our environmental footprint


To limit our CO2 emissions, we are taking action both in the transportation of goods by optimizing the loading rate of trucks and developing intermodality, and in our warehouses and stores by following energy performance standards. With regard to the sound management of natural resources, ADEO reduces its water consumption (or obtains its supplies in a sustainable manner) and ensures that each of its sites has a local ambition to protect biodiversity. We also make sure that each of our companies sorts its waste and recovers it when recycling channels exist. Finally, we are also acting on our digital consumption by deploying virtuous practices.