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A group that puts people at the heart of its actions


We are more than 150,000 employees, we are 150,000 leaders who are free to undertake whenever it is useful to ourselves, to others and to the world. But we do not act alone to achieve our ambition of the positive home, we engage all our stakeholders in our approach: inhabitants, housing professionals, suppliers, retailers and all our partners.


Together, we form a collective that places people at the heart of all its actions. Safety at work, well-being and diversity are important to us. Every day, we work to provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable and confident.


Together, we are building the worldwide platform for a positive home, which allows everyone to be connected, to interact and to share.


“Human First” is a state of mind that has always guided our companies and that more than ever, marks our difference.”



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Human first

The human being has always been at the heart of our development, a strong element of our difference, and will be even more so tomorrow, but with a new dimension.
To engage beyond our employees, customers, partners and suppliers to make our homes a positive place to live and care for our common home, our planet.

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