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Our ethical commitments

Discover the ethical principles aimed at enhancing interaction and behaviour among ADEO employees and with our ecosystem.

All committed to an ethical approach

Each ADEO company holds strong values which are embraced by all its employees and brought to life on a daily basis.


Our values determine our behaviour within our companies and also with our ecosystem of customers, suppliers, service providers, administrations, etc. Thanks to clear rules and the behaviour of each and every one of us, we can embody and assert these values.


In order to commit and to communicate on its commitments, ADEO has implemented the following codes of conduct:

 Ethical Code of Conduct 

It is designed for ADEO employees.

 Responsible Purchasing Code of Conduct 

It is designed for the persons and legal entities that supply goods directly to ADEO companies around the world, as well as their subsidiaries, sister companies, subcontractors and suppliers. It also applies to any person or legal entity that supplies goods to an end customer via an ADEO company marketplace.

 Indirect Purchasing Code of Conduct 

It is intended for companies (including any representatives or intermediaries) who directly or indirectly supply services to ADEO, or goods not intended for sale to customers.

 Code of Conduct for Donations and Sponsorships 

It is intended for entities that benefit from donations and sponsorships from ADEO.

An alert channel, open to all, to deal with ethical issues

In addition to the codes mentioned above and the commitment of ADEO companies to developing their businesses with integrity, ADEO advises its employees, partners, subcontractors and customers, should they witness or experience a situation or behaviour that is contrary to the Code or the law, to use the secure alert channel set up by ADEO.

This channel is a tool which serves everyone, to help the company in preventing these kinds of behaviour. It ensures the confidentiality and protection of the author of the alert, those involved and the facts reported. The author of an alert may remain anonymous if they so wish. An Ethical Committee is responsible for dealing with the alerts and for promoting the ethical culture within ADEO companies.

 Employee alert channel 

Each ADEO company has an alert channel accessible to all employees locally, in the event of behaviour contrary to the ethical code of conduct.

 Alert channel for suppliers, partners and customers 

ADEO has also set up a dedicated alert channel for its customers, partners, suppliers and subcontractors as well as their respective employees, subsidiaries, subcontractors and suppliers.