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Know-how in service to the home


Inhabitants and professionals come to us to bring their projects to life. In our stores, on our e-commerce sites and our marketplaces, they find all the solutions they need to build, renovate, repair, furnish, decontaminate, insulate, heat, light, secure… but also to enjoy themselves by decorating or gardening. Our brands are complementary and offer a wide range of solutions to make their homes a great place to live.


They can all count on the expertise of our 150,000 leaders to advise them on a daily basis, to support them in their projects, and to provide them with the best possible experience, with products that are adapted to their needs and services that meet their expectations. Our employees are trained to be true experts in their fields and the partner artisans we work with are qualified to guarantee quality services.


Our business is all about “making and doing”, which is why we act, undertake and engage all our stakeholders to create positive human, economic and environmental impacts.

+ 56%

hours of training

between 2021 and 2022



have been coached about the « We Make It Positive » strategy

514 million


served worldwide

Our manifesto

Our purpose, “We make home a positive place to live”, is embodied in a unique strategy: building the worldwide platform for a positive home.
It is through this strong commitment, which mobilises all of our companies and our 110,000 leaders, that we can respond in the most comprehensive way to the needs of inhabitants, wherever we are.

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