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We are building the worldwide platform for positive home

Our mainspring, « We make home a positive place to live », is embodied in a unique strategy: building a worldwide platform for a positive home. It is through this strong commitment, which mobilises all of our companies and our 110,000 leaders, that we can respond in the most comprehensive way to the needs of inhabitants, wherever we are.

ADEO is a platform of companies composed of 6 interconnected retail brands, in 20 countries and throughout 4 continents. Thanks to our network of more than 1,000 points of sale, anchored in the territories in close proximity to the inhabitants, our e-commerce sites, our marketplaces and our partnerships, we offer a unique customer experience for a positive home.

The ultra-local augmented by omnichannel and the platform


Since our creation, we have been anchored in the heart of the territories. Our stores are in close proximity to inhabitants to best meet their needs. More than ever, we will maintain and develop this privileged relationship by enhancing it through the new sales channels we have put in place. In ADEO companies, we know how to adapt to changes in lifestyle, we are in a continuous movement of transformation.


Every day, we make available in-store and online, products and solutions useful to the projects of inhabitants and to housing professionals. Our companies are “platform companies”. For us, a platform is:

– an organisation that is open and connected to its partners,
where everyone can act as a leader in their communities, in connection with their ecosystem in a spirit of mutual benefit;

– a technological infrastructure
that connects our network of sales outlets, our e-commerce sites and our marketplaces, to enable inhabitants and housing professionals to find the solution they need, to be inspired, to compare, to select, to buy remotely online or in store;

– an agile, data-driven culture
for each of our 110,000 leaders, developed through the use of common tools, in order to make accessible, input, share and link all information to improve a unique user experience: product information, sales, inhabitants’ projects and business information too.


This global dynamic, which mobilises all ADEO companies, will allow us to engage people everywhere to make our homes positive places to live so that our common home, our planet, is preserved.



Our worldwide home improvement campus
We have launched a campus to train our employees, future employees, partners, customers and inhabitants around the world, wherever we are present, in order to enhance home improvement skills. We want to create a real community, committed for a positive home beyond ADEO, with the implementation of real professional development paths that are certifying and rewarding.

Our ambition:
To become the worldwide leader for a positive home, offering knowledge and expertise.

7 retail brands


to service for positive home

The ADEO Marketplace connects 2,000 sellers

offering a wider choice for improving the home

20 countries

where we help inhabitants

make their home projects a reality