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The home is a whole, and our first home is the planet


Our job is to make home improvement accessible to individuals and housing professionals. Whether it’s a house, an apartment or a workspace, we have a solution for all your needs, desires and projects.


More than a house or an apartment, a home is a space that is part of a larger dimension, that of a neighbourhood, a city… We live there individually but also collectively. Living in a city means bringing its environment to life and contributing to its influence. Making your home a pleasant place to live is to bring an extra soul that is beneficial to all inhabitants as well as to neighbours and visitors. It means being useful to oneself and to others.


And more than that, it means being useful to the planet, our common home. We can no longer design our homes in the same way. That’s why we work with all our stakeholders to make living a responsible act that respects our resources and the environment.

Planet Tech'Care

to which ADEO is a signatory

innovates to reduce its environmental footprint

Workshops and in-store training are offered to our customers

to help them improve their homes


in the European

Do It Yourself market


in the Do It Yourself

market worldwide

A positive home

Since the creation of Leroy Merlin in 1921, ADEO has been committed to serving the needs of inhabitants and professionals in the housing sector.
In 2017, we started a new page in our history with a reaffirmed ambition: to build the worldwide platform for home improvement. Our mainspring: “We make home a positive place to live”.

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