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We are building the worldwide platform for a positive home

Our business model is based on our mainspring: « We make home a positive place to live » and to achieve this ambition, we provide an exceptional experience for our customers by building a global home improvement platform.

We accompany inhabitants with home projects, professionals in the sector and people with a passion for cooking or decorating. What makes us unique is the place we grant human beings: we offer exceptional, personalised, caring and close relationships, ultra-accessible solutions co-built by and for inhabitiants and housing professionals, as well as specific services from our ecosystems.

Commitment to our employees


And to ensure that as many people as possible have access to this offer, we are building the Worldwide Platform for Positive Home. In other words, an open and connected organisation where each of the 110,000 leaders can act in a spirit of mutual benefit. It also means a digital infrastructure that connects our network of points of sale, our e-commerce sites and marketplaces to all our internal and external stakeholders. We thus combine the strength of the local, the power of digital and logistical performance with the motivation of our employees and the commitment of our partners and suppliers.


We offer our customers the possibility to be citizen consumers, for our shareholders to support value creation, for our suppliers to grow, for NGOs to count on a locally committed partner, for public regulators to dialogue with an open and respectful player, and for installers and deliverers to access a network of customers and improve their practices.


Our business model is both efficient and agile. It allows us to share with our stakeholders our human values of authenticity, openness, interdependence and impact in order to act together for a positive habitat. Being useful to ourselves, to others and to the world is the meaning of our evolution.



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