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The ADEO collective

We are a collective of 110,000 collaborators, united by a strong company culture, which has been human at heart for 100 years.

We define ourselves through our utility and our ability to be entrepreneurial in making the positive home accessible to all. Committed, supportive and passionate about the relationships we cultivate with our partners - local inhabitants, suppliers and artisans - together we’re building a sustainable future for everyone!

Since the beginning of our story, we grow based on that which makes us unique: our company culture, with sharing as our primary value. We share the desire to be useful, we share our knowledge, we share the ability to act, to take initiatives and we share the fruit of our efforts and our work.

Commitment to our employees


The safety of employees and their well-being are essential. Providing a safe and healthy working environment is part of our corporate responsibility. At the end of 2021, we strengthened our “Safety First” initiative with the aim of reaching zero occupational accidents, and we defined our Health and Well-being at Work policy in 2023.


Men and women are our primary asset and bringing out the best in each and every individual is very important to us. Inclusive diversity opens us up to new perspectives, to new ways of doing things and to new skills.


Because our company’s development is above all about the development of our employees, we give everyone the opportunity for continuous learning to understand new technology, new tools and new trade techniques. Our proximity management and internal mobility also encourage both new postures and new experiences. As such, we develop employability and build a sustainable future.


The quality of the relationships that we have with our stakeholders – whether they are employees, customers, suppliers or service providers – is essential to our development. Which is why we make it a point of honour to work ethically in respect of our shared values.


Commitment within our communities


Our collective is driven by a shared sense of purpose: to be useful to ourselves, to others and to the world. Every day, we work hard to involve local inhabitants and actors in our sector – whether manufacturers, artisans, deliverers, partners, local elected officials or members of local organisations – in our company mission. Together, we form an ecosystem of stakeholders and thanks to this collaboration, we progress and act to make our homes, our planet, a good place to live.


Solidarity is one of our values and ADEO employees are involved in a number of initiatives alongside organisations often related to the home, such as the donation of materials or solidarity worksites and so on. In 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, our employees also created the ADEO Solidarity Fund to provide exceptional financial relief to those among them faced with serious hardship due to extraordinary crisis situations.


We are not perfect, we still have a way to go and together, we continue to forge ahead!




80,000 are company shareholders

28 hours

of training per employee

per year


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