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The culture of sharing, the backbone of our positive commitments

Sharing what you want to do, what you know, the ability to make decisions. And then the sharing of what we have, of the human, economic and environmental value that we create.

Aware of our driving role in building a more sustainable development model, we are committed to a global ambition for a positive home. With 110,000 leader employees as our primary contributors, we are engaging inhabitants and our ecosystems (customers, partners, manufacturers, start-ups, artisans, delivery companies, associations, etc.) in this process.

We share the WILL to act positively.


We are driven by a strong desire to share, to listen, to do, to progress so that our actions in favour of positive home find their full meaning. Each and every one of our employees is individually and collectively committed to this corporate approach.


We share KNOWLEDGE to continuously evolve.


We cultivate knowledge to better understand and move forward, to be enlightened, and to have confidence in ourselves, in others and in the future. This knowledge is both a savoir-faire and an attitude that is expressed in all the relationships we share. To transmit is our vocation.


We share the POWER to act to create value.


We take initiatives, make decisions autonomously and assume their impact. Each of our 110,000 leaders has this power to act at his or her level, embodying a unique leadership model. We are free to undertake as long as it is useful to ourselves, to others and to the world.


And because we share all the dimensions of the value created, we share the economic value, the fruit of our actions and our individual and collective results. Having projects, desires and dreams, and making them come true, encompasses the full scope of our culture.


employee shareholders

in 2022


of ADEO profits

was distributed in the form of profit sharing to employees in 2021


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