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The ADEO collective

Meeting the collective for a positive home

A team of 110,000 leaders
and more than 1 million partners

They are Antoine, Thiago, Hind or Sandra and they share the same willingness to individually and collectively become involved in the adventure of ADEO companies. Together, motivated by the shared sense of being useful to themselves, to others and to the world. They are employees, artisans, suppliers or resellers, and share the desire to pass on, to inform, to train, to accelerate in their professions and in the implementation of new solutions. They are in stores, in warehouses, on project sites, at internal services and act autonomously to create value, they take initiatives, make decisions and are responsible for their impacts. They are in Poland, in France or in Brazil and share the benefits of their actions and of their performance, and contribute to creating a sustainable and positive world.

Antoine Gassion

A committed designer

To me, design means making an object useful. Practicality, ease and accessibility are for me, the aspects to look at in order to make design projects accessible. I believe that a good design should be sustainable and sufficiently robust so that the object lasts over time. In fact, I would say that a good design should have several lives, be passed on, go from one person to another.

Claire-Sophie Coeudevez

An optimistic researcher

As a student, I was already passionate about anything in relation to health, with the need to understand how it could impact our lives. Several years later, I support actors in the construction industry and building renovation in trying to integrate best practices to improve indoor air quality and thus the health of inhabitants. For me, it is important to know that the people for whom I am constructing a building are going to feel good in it and that’s what my job is all about.

Patrick and Sabine Le Bohec

Positive entrepreneurs

We have moved around a lot in our respective professions, and we thought it would be a good idea to settle down. If we were to choose one word to define us both, it would be entrepreneur. And when we chose Brittany, it was also because it represented a new challenge for us. We like to revolutionise things, to find new solutions to improve inhabitants’ lifestyles, with the notion of creating real ties between them and the teams.

Thaddée Bigo

An attentive installer

The fireplace, for me, is truly the element that gathers people together in their homes. Family dinners, evenings with friends, festive soirees are even warmer around a fire that unites us. It also represents a certain comfort, a new energy for inhabitants. In my job, the moment that I prefer is when I light the first flame with the customer, seeing their smile is what gives meaning to my profession.

Aurélien Frapart

A connected store director

When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a farmer. To be in contact with nature, with wide open spaces, being an entrepreneur in what we do too. And then, I discovered that I enjoyed relating to others, helping the people around me to grow in order to grow myself. This desire to be closer to others links me to my job thanks to the bonds I develop with the teams, customers and partners. In fact, it’s even better than how I imagined it when I was little.

Hind Malti

An enthusiastic cloud architect

One of the things in life that I love and which characterises me, is music. It inspires me, allows me to find new energy and to open up to the world. And the energy that music provides, I also find in my work. It makes me eager to work each day, gives me the ability to transform, to challenge and to act. I like to imagine customers on their sofas, deciding on what to buy and I enjoy knowing that I contribute to this moment by imagining new solutions for them.

Thiago Ribeiro

An artisan-dreamer

For me, our home is our shelter, our “temple”. The human being’s home is their temple. So what I try to do, is I attempt to improve people’s lives, by working on each project site as if it were my life’s work. In this mission, ADEO brings me tranquillity, and I can pass on this tranquillity to my customers.

Nuno Torres

An inspiring store director

My motivation stems from the pace and the unexpected. Always having a goal to reach, being surrounded by the right people who challenge me, and succeeding together. I like being in contact with people, they open up their worlds to me, teach me new things, and help me to develop my vision of the world. This is how I grow.

Julian Godoy

An invested warehouse leader

My job is a challenge. It is our mission to satisfy the customer every day but also to contribute to the protection of the planet by imagining new, more environmentally-friendly solutions. Every day, I progress by trying to be my best self, by taking into account the evolution of society and the expectations of our customers. These are real drivers for me.

Sandra Colombo

An inspired interior designer

I have always loved decorating and interior design. What I enjoy is the contact with the customer, the artisan. And ADEO has always been a source of inspiration for me, of openness. My ambition is that the customer be able to project themselves today, but also still feel good in five years time. And I also enjoy searching, looking for answers and providing solutions to inhabitants. In doing this I feel useful.