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Committed to meet the needs of all inhabitants

Since the creation of Leroy Merlin in 1921, ADEO has been committed to serving the needs of inhabitants and professionals in the home improvement sector. In 2017, we started a new page of our history with a reaffirmed ambition: to build the worldwide platform for home improvement. Our purpose: « We make home a positive place to live ».

Because we want to be useful to ourselves, to others and to the world, we are 110,000 leaders committed to making our homes positive places to live.

A positive place to live is one that allows you to grow, to start a family, to live well and for a long time in security, in good health, respecting natural resources and the environment. A positive home is healthy, scalable, comfortable, connected, water and energy efficient, and tomorrow a home that produces energy (solar, wind), water (recovery), food (garden), raw materials (recovered and recycled waste).


By creating and making available home solutions that have a positive impact on the environment, we are contributing to a carbon neutral world. Being positive and contributing means going beyond our responsibility by engaging with our stakeholders in a regenerative movement.


We are learning together to measure our human and environmental impacts in order to make them more and more positive, as part of a continuous improvement process. To do this, we rely on the ADEO Positive Index (API). Composed of indicators measuring ADEO’s overall human and environmental performance, it allows us to coordinate our approach at a local level according to the progress priorities of each of our sites. An effective tool for our positive transformation.



To reduce our environmental footprint, we act at several levels:


– Reducing:
eco-design (material), weight (material), local production (distance), energy efficiency (manufacturing) ;

– Keeping/lasting:
reparability, recycling, reuse, rental, modularity, extended warranty;

– Replacing:
Fossil fuels (manufacturing, transportation, storage), carbon-based materials (materials);

– Contributing:
Avoiding emissions, particularly through the sale of low-emission products for the home, sequestered emissions, offsetting;

– Innovating:
New businesses that increase the size of the company while limiting the carbon impact of ADEO activity.



monitored in the API

Since 2020

ADEO is a partner

of Solar Impulse, which labels technologies that are beneficial to the environment and profitable

To divide by 2

our carbon footprint

is our goal by 2035