An open and connected platform

To meet the needs of as many people as possible, Adeo operates on a platform-based approach. This business model enables all stakeholders to develop their technical and personal skills alongside others in their ecosystem, while remaining agile and responsive.

Our platform: a value-creating business model

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A model tailored to local needs

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Closely engaged with their ecosystems and very often ‘beacons’ for local residents, our stores represent the foundations of our platform. Both inhabitants and professionals (tradespeople, architects, local manufacturers, etc.) come to our stores to purchase supplies, get ideas and advice, learn new skills, check out the latest innovations and environmentally-responsible solutions, and take advantage of our services, which include secure, drive-by pick-up and delivery in under 24 hours.

Our stores are constantly evolving, by introducing new sales formats, for example, or offering innovative delivery and installation services. The goal is to remain useful in all circumstances, even in a crisis, when the usual channels are difficult to access.

The Adeo platform

A powerful digital model

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To facilitate interactions between the various parties involved in a home improvement project, we’re building a powerful, data-driven digital structure. In addition to finding the solution they need, inhabitants can get ideas, compare offers, select the products and services they want, and finalise their purchase online or in-store. Adeo connects and unites ecosystems, putting inhabitants in contact with products, advisors, tradespeople and local suppliers, and linking up the supply chain with our stores to ensure we meet every inhabitant’s needs.

The marketplaces we’re developing are open to local tradespeople and manufacturers to drive the local economy and all products are required to meet our POSITIVE PRODUCTS criteria.

An efficient and effective model

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Using a platform-based approach enables us to make the best choices, in terms of raw materials, manufacturing techniques and even transportation methods, based on the needs of our ecosystem.

Knowing more about our inhabitants’ practices and preferences also enables us to more effectively gauge the use-phase impacts of our products and the waste they generate throughout their lifecycle.

An agile model

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Responsiveness is essential. By using a platform-based approach, we can make all home improvement solutions possible and accessible to everyone.

Thanks to our platform, we can also develop innovative new solutions with the help of our partners, to make our living environments even healthier, more responsible, and increasingly water and energy efficient.