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Last October, Leroy Merlin Spain launched Hogami, a platform that puts private inhabitants who are looking for services in contact with housing professionals. A first in the world of ADEO retail brands.

Article updated in March 2024

A unique services platform

Putting private inhabitants in touch with housing professionals to carry out work in the home – this is what the Spanish marketplace, Hogami, offers.


Laying a parquet floor, painting, installing a boiler, gardening, plumbing work, DIY… in all, more than 200 services are on offer for Spanish inhabitants. With Hogami, private individuals are guaranteed access to a network of trusted professionals, whose quality of service has been verified in advance. In addition to services, they can also purchase products sold by Leroy Merlin or external sellers.

Business potential and a multitude of opportunities

This new platform represents an incredible growth lever for business at Leroy Merlin Spain.


“With Hogami, we increase the visibility of our products and services, offer better service to our customers and capture a new market”, enthuses Margerita Barcena. “This channel, which supplements our stores and website, allows us to grow our revenues”.


And the results are already here. Deployed throughout the country after an initial pilot in the Madrid region and the Canary Islands in 2021, Hogami is a real success, with more than 15,000 services already provided compared with 6,000 in 2021.

The development of the platform

Hogami will be regularly enhanced with new features and should see its service offering doubled.


“We worked in agile mode for two years in close collaboration with ADEO Home Services to finalise the platform”, explains Margerita Barcena. “We are really pleased with the results”. “The real challenge now, is to accelerate its development and attract more customers and professionals to effectively build a network”. Ultimately, the ambition is to deploy Hogami in other countries.


A very successful 2023 for Hogami!


The Spanish services marketplace had a very successful year in 2023, thanks to the teams that worked on developing its model.


In a few figures:

  • 21,000 services were provided in 2023, i.e. 8,000 more than 2022,
  • the range of services has evolved based on customer needs, with 28 additional services on offer,
  • professionals are rated 4.8/5.

Originally a project, Hogami has now become a business that has proven its success with customers, resulting in a 50% increase in turnover by 2023.

2 million

euros in GMV

(Gross Merchandise Volume in 2022)



listed on Hogami in 2022



offered through Hogami



provided in 2022