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On 4 November last, Bricomart in Spain changed its name to become Obramat. A wide-scale rebranding initiative, actively operated in only three months. This development is part of the strengthening of an expert positioning and in a context of strong growth. Immersion behind the scenes of this operation with Ana Fombella, Positive Impact Leader and Corporate Communication Officer and trainee, and Roberto Lopez, Omnichannel Communication Leader, both at Obramat Spain.

Ana, Roberto, why was it so important for Bricomart Spain to change its name?


Ana Fombella : Since the creation of our BU in Spain 16 years ago, it has become well-established and gained solid renown in its market. As we launch a large-scale development plan, it seems only natural to align our name with our positioning, namely the sale of the best products from the best brands, via our stores and an omnichannel offer, for professional builders. Obramat is the combination of “Obra”, which means “construction” and “Mat”, the abbreviation of materials.
Roberto Lopez : Indeed, we needed to represent a certain coherency with our core business. The term “Brico” is perceived as a kind of “Do It Yourself – DIY”, when we are in fact, the preferred partner of building and renovation professionals and independent businesses.



In practical terms, what are the implications for your customers, your partners and your leaders?


Roberto Lopez : The name Obramat accurately describes our activity, so it is better perceived by our customers and partners. Although our work and our relational approach haven’t changed, the clarity of this name facilitates certain things, for example, obtaining licences to open new stores from the authorities.
Ana Fombella : It doesn’t affect our daily work, nor the bonds of trust that we have with our more than 5,000 leaders. The most obvious change is illustrated in the new visual identity of our stores. We have set up large display boards and window stickers, balloons, posters and have given each employee a back-pack including a full kit (manifesto, stickers, goodies, etc.).



What are your respective roles in supporting the change of name?


Roberto Lopez : With Ana, we worked together to lead the strategy and organise all the departments involved (IT, legal, construction, merchandising, etc.). We have also set up omnichannel communication with our customers, suppliers and institutions. This project has been both highly demanding and very exciting because we led the complete change of brand image in only 3 months!
Ana Fombella : The project represented a challenge that we met by working closely together. We also designed a series of internal communication tools to inform our leaders of the strengthening of our expert positioning.



Actually, Ana, could you explain to us how you got all the employees onboard?


Ana Fombella : We created a dedicated website, with specific information for each phase, as well as an FAQ to answer the most recurrent questions. The internal campaign was officially launched in Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla), because that is where we opened our first store in 2006. Our Director was present, as well as a few company forerunners, who spoke about our history. We wanted to mark the launch of a new era while paying tribute to our origins. The event was shared via live streaming by all our leaders. Our managers then had training on the dissemination of words and terms to explain the rebranding project.



And externally?


Roberto Lopez : With the support of the various department heads, we defined a risks and opportunities map and prepared a roadmap detailing the different stages. Our external advertising campaign was mostly based on radio spots and special adverts for the television and social networks. We also created a number of support mediums such as dossiers and press releases and a manifesto asserting our ambition, which is to contribute to creating a world with sustainable and efficient materials.



What was the reaction to the announcement of a new name?


Roberto Lopez : The market reacted positively to the name Obramat and its relevance to our actual business. The messages sent in relation to this rebranding, namely greater proximity to our customers, more sustainable products and an increase in digital channels are all themes which reinforce the position of our brand for the future.
Ana Fombella : In-house, our leaders reacted with enthusiasm, as our new name corresponds with our DNA. Our leaders are professionals who work for professionals – they are proud to bear a name which reflects their expertise.



What is your initial assessment of this rebranding project? And what do you anticipate going forward?


Roberto Lopez : I would like to commend the impressive work carried out by all the departments involved. It is truly gratifying to observe the extent to which our leaders, our partners and the institutions have passed on this name-change over social networks. We will now gain in visibility and are likely to attract new professional customers, who were previously reticent about visiting a store seen as “DIY” oriented. In fact, we intend to become the reference and preferred omnichannel purchasing option for building and renovation professionals.
Ana Fombella : In 3 or 4 months time, Obramat will be the only reality in our minds, those of our customers and the market. Little by little, it will be a part of the collective psyche. Our new name will be a key for accelerating our development plan, with store openings in other towns and beyond, because we have a fresh challenge: we are setting out to conquer the professional market in Portugal.



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