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Being committed to the positive home, means first making life easier for those who want to move forward in this direction. This is what Leroy Merlin is doing in Italy, by creating, in 2019, an offer that assists its customers with the administrative and financial aspects as well as the product, to help them benefit from the government’s eco-bonus which encourages window renovations.

An opportunity for the business and the brand’s image

Energy renovation of buildings is a complex issue, yet nonetheless essential to the ecological transition.


With this in mind, since 2019 the Italian government offers a 50% rebate for the purchase and installation of new windows, to incite home owners to go ahead with these projects in their homes.


“We saw this as an opportunity both in terms of business – Italian housing is often quite old and therefore poorly insulated in terms of windows – but also to establish the image of Leroy Italy as a partner for a better quality of life, committed to an eco-responsible approach”, explains Angelo Tomasini, Market & Offer Leader at Leroy Merlin Italy.


A team effort that has proven successful

“It’s a project that involved the entire BU.”


What does this represent in practical terms? In addition to assistance with the formalities required to qualify for the eco-bonus, Leroy Merlin Italy immediately grants its customers the full 50% rebate provided for under the government scheme… which would otherwise only be paid in full after 10 years!


An offer that was difficult to set up: “We had to coordinate a number of departments, from the offer in marketing to finances and services… we also needed to reorganise our sales process, and to make sure we had enough suppliers, artisans and storage space to meet demand”, explains Angelo Tomasini.


“It’s a project that involved the entire BU. 4 years later, the results speak for themselves: we have enabled more than 26,000 households to renovate their windows, which makes us extremely proud”, he concludes.



to provide this type offer in Italy



have benefited since 2019



replaced on average

50 million

euros in revenue

between 2020 and 2022