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The community platform, Kozikaza and its 3D virtual home tool make it possible for anyone to imagine and test their interior design ideas to create their ideal home.
A simple and accessible tool that embodies ADEO companies’ values of sharing and proximity while reinforcing the relationship with inhabitants. A guided tour.

Kozikaza, a social platform built around a 3D tool
Accessible to all, Kozikaza is a 3D modelling application specially designed for home improvement.
This project has become one of the interior design tools most used in France today, enabling anyone to create their ideal home layout, before actually going ahead with it.


The concept is simple: In just a few clicks, users can simulate their house or the room concerned by their home project, where they can then try out all their design ideas. An entertaining approach, which offers a degree of freedom that is incomparable with actually doing it for real. “The 3D software means that it’s possible to make mistakes virtually and to test ideas without risk”, explains Arnaud Decroo, Managing Director of Kozikaza.


In addition to the tool, Kozikaza is also a social network where users can share and discuss their projects with the community. “Kozikaza makes any project concerning the home easier – building, renovation, extension, etc. – it promotes mutual assistance, advice and proximity, which is valuable when carrying out work in the home!” Arnaud goes on to say. “And we have recently added a platform for coaching in decorating & interior design, which provides access to professionals for those who need the services of a specialist”.



A list of references to facilitate purchasing
Kozikaza modelling offers a complete collection of elements for decorating & interior design,whether they are sold by ADEO retail brands (such as Leroy Merlin) or by partner brands (Maisons du Monde, Made, La Redoute, etc.). And when the 3D project is finalised, the user can simply order the references listed in their project to recreate the actual design at home. “Private individuals prefer to work on their home improvement projects within a community ecosystem rather than a commercial one. This creates a unique gateway into ADEO retail brands”, explains Arnaud Decroo.



Sales assistance in ADEO retail brand stores
In addition to being useful to customers, Kozikaza has also become a real sales tool and design aid for in-store employees. In fact, a version dedicated to kitchen areas is currently being deployed in Portugal, with the teams from the Leroy Merlin store. And those who have tried it have been quickly won over: “I think of it as a tool that helps sales assistants. It contributes to making our work go more smoothly and allows us to offer quick solutions to our customers on more sensitive aspects”, says Mauro Alves, Leader at Leroy Merlin Portugal.



Listening to customers, to continually improve service
Completely anonymous, the data related to the projects developed in Kozikaza allows teams to continuously improve the software, to welcome new partners and to develop new features. In addition to constantly improving the customer experience, this data represents a mine of information on customers’ expectations in terms of their homes. Thus it provides a wealth of details which enables us to continue offering solutions that are ever more useful and positive.

2 million

design layouts created

in 2021

5 million

visitors to the platform

in 2021


active members

for a total of 2.8 million