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Since last September, inhabitants have access to Hommy, a unique application that’s free of charge Launched by Leroy Merlin France, this digital health journal helps inhabitants to maintain their home by suggesting what measures to take, when and how. In addition to its upkeep, the home becomes more energy-efficient and thus increases in value. Explanations with Pierre-Yves Hadengue, Leader of the Hommy programme.

Pierre-Yves, can you tell us about Hommy?

It’s a practical solution, useful and free of charge, to help inhabitants live better in their homes. The idea is that each individual is informed on which initiatives to take, how and at what time, in order to reduce their energy consumption and maintain their home and their installations.

Hommy also makes it possible to store and file all the home’s useful documentation in a fully secured digital space, such as notarial deeds, bills, equipment instructions and maintenance contracts. And the third feature: the possibility of editing, in a simple click, the Housing Information Booklet (CIL), a mandatory document since January 2023 for all home-owners who want to sell or rent out their property.


The Housing Information Booklet (CIL): what says the law?

  • The CIL is part of the legal framework of the law of 22 August 2021 concerning the fight against climate change.
  • The CIL is concerned with new housing since 2017 and older homes since 1st January 2023 undergoing renovation work that has a direct impact on their energy performance since this date.
  • The CIL makes it possible to bring together in one place all the useful information on the characteristics of the home and the work carried out to facilitate and support improvement projects for the home’s energy performance.
  • The CIL is required for the sale of the home and passed on to the notary at the time of the transaction. A tenant may request it for information purposes on the condition of the rented property along with the DPE (Energy Performance Certificate).

Source : Public service


In practical terms, how does the solution work?


It’s quite straightforward: once Hommy has been downloaded, it’s simply a question of configuring the characteristics of the home by filling in the number of rooms and equipment.
The service then becomes a personal assistant: it sends notifications to remind you of maintenance to be planned, provides personalised advice, sends the right service provider for unforeseen events (e.g. boiler breakdown) and recommends eco-friendly behaviours to avoid thermal sieves and to make maximum energy savings.


You have recently initiated the Hommy score: what does this consist of?


Indeed, the Hommy score was launched in January. It’s a maintenance indicator for the home with three levels: red, yellow and green. The more maintenance activity and information provided, the more the Hommy score increases. And the results from this new diagnostic tool are already highly positive: since its launch, we have observed an increase in actions from our customer accounts to increase their score, and thus carry out energy savings, which ultimately enables them to enhance their homes.

“Hommy is a contributor of ultra-personalised solutions, advice and services to help everyone to better maintain their home. It’s a usage-oriented app that doesn’t sell products”.
Pierre-Yves Hadengue, Leader of the Hommy programme.


Why did Leroy Merlin France decide to launch Hommy?


Our position as leader on the home improvement market comes with responsibilities: we want to become the leader in energy renovation because it’s a powerful factor in addressing the issues of climate change.


Hommy is a part of this strategy. It’s another illustration of ADEO’s commitment to improving the home, by making it more energy-efficient and healthier. This is what we call “the positive home”.
There are 27 million households in France. Our goal at ADEO is to have an anonymised mapping of homes in France to better understand their characteristics (surface area, number of rooms, energy, etc.) in order to cultivate our offer of products and solutions in service to the positive home.


What are the next steps?


Hommy is making good progress since its launch. Today’s priority is to increase its visibility, to build bridges between Hommy data and our customer accounts to encourage more and more inhabitants to use the application. We are exploring opportunities to collaborate with other partners such as builders, insurers and estate agents. This is just the beginning!

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