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Guaranteeing access to home improvement products, while preserving the environment and health, is a priority for ADEO. To do this, ADEO companies have launched the “Positive Products” initiative, enabling them to enhance their offer throughout the product life cycle.

Improving the impact of products


The products offered by ADEO have an impact on the planet and its inhabitants. As a retailer, ADEO is responsible for controlling and mitigating this impact, by promoting solutions that are longer lasting and more sustainable. A challenge that reflects a growing concern of inhabitants, who increasingly consider environmental and human aspects when purchasing a product.


The “Positive Products” initiative, launched in 2020, meets these concerns. It represents the quality basis for all ADEO company offers, and allows the product teams to act at each stage of the product’s life cycle. This approach involves the reduction of the carbon footprint, of course, but goes further still by integrating social aspects and impacts on health.



Actions concerning the product life cycle


The product teams focus primarily on the raw materials used and favour certified, recyclable or recycled resources, such as the timber used in products from certified forests. They also make sure that the suppliers and factories with which ADEO works, comply with human rights and labour regulations. In parallel, it is essential that they are able to manage the environmental and social impacts of their own manufacturing plants.


For their part, the composition and design of products are closely monitored, so that they present no risk to health. The use of hazardous substances is traced, while safer alternatives are favoured and teams are ensured access to personal protective equipment.
Also contributing to the impact of products, packaging is optimised and progressively eco-designed.


Wherever possible, products include responsible features for use, enabling the customer to reduce their water or energy consumption.
A product that lasts over time is a product that will have a reduced impact on its environment. Which is why ADEO companies offer products designed to be repairable: spare parts are made available to customers and the product warranty is extended.



Home Index: a reference index common to ADEO, suppliers and customers


The Positive Products initiative has led ADEO to create Home Index, with a score from A to E attributed to each product. This scoring system, a first in the DIY sector, provides inhabitants with an immediate measure of impact for each product, while also providing additional information to better understand this impact.


To be gradually rolled out from 2023, Home Index is a new tool available to sales advisors in store, and represents an additional step in the transparency of the relationship that binds us with suppliers, in order to move forward together in favour of a Positive Home.



for the improvement of the environmental and social footprint of products


of wood used

is from certified forests (2021)


of sales made with

products labelled A, B or C by 2025


Roll out of the Home Index

at Leroy Merlin France