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ADEO has condemned Russia’s war against Ukraine since day one, which has tragic consequences for the population.


Since the beginning of the conflict, we have decided to:
● stop any new investments by ADEO in Russia,
● stop the import of products from Russia.
● stop any funding of Leroy Merlin Russia.


In Ukraine, we put the protection and safety of our employees at the heart of our concerns, and more generally, those of the 700 families of our Ukrainian teams. From day one of the conflict, we closed the 6 Leroy Merlin Ukraine stores so that our employees could take care of their families while continuing to pay their salaries, in addition to immediate emergency financial aid to help them find housing and food.


In Poland and Romania, our teams are involved on a daily basis, donating products, sending medicine and food, in collaboration with associations such as the Red Cross.
We help to provide housing for all our employees and their families by taking care of their transportation, food and health coverage.


To date, nearly 400 people have been accommodated outside Ukraine. A entire hotel has been rented for six months in Poland, where a specific team has been set up to help the refugees on the spot with administrative formalities and in finding work.


At the same time, we regularly send trucks of basic foodstuffs to Ukraine. Our solidarity fund has been allocated 25 million euros for the rehabilitation of housing for Ukrainian refugees in the countries where we are present. We stand by the Ukrainian people, support them, and in July we decided to resume an activity in Kiev, in order to provide products that are useful for everyday living.