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For more than 10 years, the Bricos du Cœur has helped numerous social organisations by performing furnishing and decorating projects on a voluntary basis. This association, of which ADEO is a long-standing partner, has no shortage of ambition to help and, especially, to enable as many people as possible to give their time to others.

In October 2011, it’s no coincidence that the first project carried out by the Bricos du Cœur was for the Restos du Cœur. Both associations were born of the same desire, to make a difference. For the Bricos du Cœur, it’s all about helping people who help people (associations, foundations, retirement homes, hospitals…) by improving the working environment or life inside these social institutions, through the organisation of projects or the donation of products.

Useful donations and DIY


“In the beginning, the Bricos du Cœur was four ADEO employees and an observation: far too many companies were throwing away their DIY materials (unsold items, damaged packaging, end of series, display articles, etc.). Not only is this costly, but it is not very responsible either. These products could be recovered to support, for instance, structures that help people in need”, explains Laurent Vergult, Chairman of the Bricos du Cœur and Leader of the Solidarity Challenge at ADEO.

In order to operate, the association can count on its partner companies for financial or materials donations, on its workforce, but also on volunteers or young people doing civic service who are prepared to offer their time.

“Companies come to us because our know-how in interdependent projects is well known. As such, they can easily allow their employees to take part in a solidarity initiative”. McCain, Saint Gobain, Rexel, Ryobi… there are many that get involved. And of course, there is ADEO.



ADEO X Les bricos du Cœur, a natural partnership


The partnership was an obvious one. The values of the Bricos du Cœur are entirely in line with those of ADEO and it enables platform leaders to be ever more useful, employees can be volunteers on projects or engage in skills mentoring.

The goal set by ADEO: 1,000 projects carried out every year worldwide – in fact, every new employee will work on a solidarity project as part of their integration.

ADEO also commits to donating one million useful and solidary products per year. “ADEO supports us, both financially and by hosting our marquee in the car park of Terradeo in Ronchin, a veritable store of the products that we receive. Products to be used on solidarity projects or donated to the different structures”.



Acting to develop even more solidarity projects


The Bricos du Cœur is always in action, always innovative.

There are numerous projects under way: the creation of a website to present volunteer opportunities, but also an e-commerce website to promote the distribution of stocks to a wider public than just the local clearance sale. In terms of products, the Bricos du Cœur is in the process of compiling a Top 100 of the most in-demand items in order to appeal to companies in this respect.

There is also the project for a network of solidary hardware outlets for low-income earners and the project of establishing a central location in a disused school that will house the headquarters of the Bricos du Cœur, a solidary hardware outlet, a co-working space, an events area, an associative coffee shop, a repair shop and a space dedicated to the social economy and solidarity initiatives. The Bricos du Cœur does a lot and wants to go further still. Already recognised as an association for the common good, it would now like to be recognised of public utility, and why not, in five years time, be one of the Top 100 associations worldwide.



Volunteers’ testimonies


Sandrine Vecchio, Head of Department at Leroy Merlin, Villeneuve d’Ascq

“I’ve been a volunteer since summer 2021. Following a solidarity project where I met some amazing people, I felt the need to be useful. I help out in the Bricos’ marquee preparing donations for the beneficiary structures. For me, it’s a great joy to discover all these people united for the same reasons: to help the people who help the people. Listening, mutual support, kindness all abound every time I visit the marquee. I have fond memories of the project at the retirement home in Orée du Mont in Halluin. I spent a wonderful afternoon, full of emotion and sharing. I was able to meet residents affected by Alzheimer’s disease accompanied by their carers and I also got to know other ADEO employees with whom I did some DIY work. Fulfilling interactions and great memories”.



Bénédicte Woestelandt, a former Director’s Assistant at ADEO

“Take an intense and hectic professional career, add a final year of skills mentoring. Mix with diverse and varied profiles: collaborators from the Bricos du Cœur, civic service participants, apprentices, interns, leaders from the ADEO solidarity challenge, volunteers. Add (be generous) team work, versatility, a capacity for adaptation and an open mind. Simmer to obtain a beautiful, united and close-knit family. Season it all – and this is the most important – with rich encounters, laughter, surprising and unforgettable moments. Let it rise for about a year and you have an extremely enriching experience, one of the best of my entire career. Thank you to the whole team! Thank you to the Bricos! What next for me? Retirement, but on one condition… that I remain a volunteer for the Bricos du Cœur!”.



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involved with the association, the Bricos du Coeur



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