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Building a sustainable future for all, means contributing by training the talents of tomorrow in key skills, in our values and our vision of the positive home. The ADEO Training Centre is part of our wider ambition, which aims to create a real community around the knowledge and expertise of the positive home.

Our goal: to ensure lasting employability for all
Repairing, renovating, purifying and securing the home, all participate in the well-being of its inhabitants. This vision is part of our DNA, as are our endeavours to offer sustainable solutions that respect our planet. Because these notions of well-being and sustainability compel us to always go the extra mile, we consider it essential to share them with tomorrow’s collaborators today, in order to build the future together. It is with this aspiration in mind that the Apprentices Training Centre – Centre de Formation des Apprentis in French (CFA) – dedicated to the sustainable home, came into existence.



The Apprentices Training Centre : a community committed to training
Established at the end of 2019 and certified Qualiopi*, the ADEO Apprentices Training Centre is devoted to the sustainable home. It takes the form of a network of training courses deployed in some twenty secondary schools, colleges and universities in France and abroad.

The particularity of this project lies in the fact that ADEO companies take part in the programme by welcoming students into their stores, warehouses and internal services, to accompany them in their development and their professionalisation.

Our training courses award diplomas and qualifications. They are built around professions that are related to home improvement, such as sales assistant specialised in technical products for the sustainable home, logistics technician, storekeeper, after-sales support technician or energy renovation project leader.



Specific training courses in digital professions 
Given the evolutions in today’s society, enabling ADEO collaborators to continue to develop their digital skills is also a priority in building our future. For Stéphane Calmes, Director of the Apprentices Training Centre, ADEO’s role is clear:

“As an employer, we must be capable of ensuring development opportunities within the companies of the platform and of offering satisfying career evolutions”.


Which is why we have developed a training programme based on digital professions.
This way, we provide ADEO collaborators with training in the languages of today so they can keep pace with technological progress.



A desire to share our know-how with our ecosystem
Our commitment to the positive home is also reflected by the gradual introduction of innovative training courses to meet the expectations of our artisan partners and inhabitants.
We want to help the former to develop their skills in sustainable home practices, and to provide the latter with short, practical training courses on the use of tools and the application of techniques to gain confidence in carrying out their home improvement projects.
Courses are already being tested before large scale deployment!



From the Apprentices Training Centre to the Worldwide Campus for the Home
As a leader in terms of its multinational presence, ADEO has grouped these initiatives together in the creation of the Worldwide Campus for the Home, with the aim of training collaborators, future collaborators, partners, customers and inhabitants worldwide.
So what is our ambition? To create a community around the knowledge and expertise of the sustainable home, with a campus that awards certificates, recognises, qualifies, maintains in employment, builds career paths and makes all the stakeholders of the positive home proud.


* Qualiopi Accreditation certifies the quality of the training offered by training organisations on the basis of the National Quality Repository.