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Every day, 150,000 employees support customers in their home projects. The ADEO community supports them through the Solidarity Fund, which helps teams facing emergencies.

The ADEO Solidarity Fund, to help deal with emergencies

Created during the health crisis linked to COVID-19, the ADEO Solidarity Fund supports employees and their families who find themselves in difficult situations.

In line with our “Human First” culture, the ADEO Solidarity Fund acts in all countries where ADEO is present. This association, under the French law of 1901, provides exceptional financial assistance to our employees and their families who are facing serious difficulties caused by exceptional crises. Employees within our franchises and recently retired employees are also eligible.

Discover the ADEO Solidarity Fund


Seven crisis situations covered by the solidarity fund

“We have witnessed difficult situations caused by the pandemic”, explains Charlotte Manche, in charge of the project and coordination with the association. “Since then, we have also seen other serious situations emerge, which has led ADEO to decide not to limit its aid to pandemics”.

Since 2020, ADEO employees and their families can request exceptional assistance for emergencies caused by:

  • A pandemic
  • A natural disaster
  • A technological or industrial disaster
  • A house fire
  • A terrorist attack / a war
  • Acts of violence
  • A road accident


After examining the situation, five types of financial aid can be released by the Solidarity Fund. It enables those who do not benefit from sufficient government relief, health coverage or insurance, to be able to deal with these emergency situations.


Solidarity at the heart of ADEO values


“The Solidarity Fund was created thanks to a seed donation from ADEO”, explains Charlotte Manche. “Since then, ADEO has continued to contribute to the Solidarity Fund; anyone can also make one-time or recurring donations. For every sum donated, ADEO commits to match it with the same amount”.

Employees who wish to do so can donate to the Solidarity Fund on a one-time or regular basis. “The war in Ukraine has generated a great wave of solidarity to support employees and their families fleeing the conflict”, says Charlotte.

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