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At Adeo, to do our job well while limiting our impact on the environment, we explore every available avenue for improvement. Our goal is continuous improvement in all areas, from packaging and product design to transport and waste management. Because we all want to live in a more positive world.

Our mission: respond more effectively to inhabitants’ home-related needs

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Our Product, Purchasing, Quality and Supply Chain teams work together to offer solutions co-developed with our customers, to more effectively meet all their expectations: high-quality products and services that are offered at affordable prices and have a positive impact on people and the planet. Our role is to serve as a platform between inhabitants and an industry with which we produce the private-label products that make us proud – products that are designed for and with the inhabitants who use them.


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At ADEO, products lie at the core of our mission, our business as a retailer and our value. They account for over 70% of our impact on the planet, from design to end of life.
This is why making positive, more sustainable, responsible, alternatives to consumption (rental, repair, second-hand, etc.) solutions accessible represents the challenge of our Positive Products Approach, initiated in 2020 and which will have its first effects as of 2021.
The “Positive Products” approach is a part of the DNA in the construction of all of our offers. It is based on 5 criteria in order to improve the environmental footprint of our products and contribute to responsible consumption:
Made From Sustainable Resources 150X150

the product is made using responsible resources (natural or recycled)

Responsible Production 150X150

the product is the result of production that respects men/women and the environment

Safe For People & Planet 150X150

the product is healthy and safe for people and not harmful to the planet, in particular its packaging

Made To Last 150X150

the product is made to last and can be repaired

Bring Sustainable Functions & Features 150X150

the product provides environmental performance linked to use (energy savings, reduction in water consumption, etc.) 500 million customers per year worldwide contribute to the goal of reducing the carbon footprint thanks to external factors linked to the use of the solutions we develop

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To find solutions that are positive for the environment, profitable, and accessible to as many people as possible, we operate in tandem with our ecosystem. For example, with the Solar Impulse Foundation, we collaborate with an eco-design R&D expert in recyclability, packaging and logistics. Our community of experts allows us to qualify the environmental performance of our innovations and test their commercial feasibility.
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Learn more about our partnership with the Solar Impulse Foundation

Adapting our supply chain

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To meet our customers’ delivery needs while reducing our environmental impact, we’re adapting our supply chain into an omni-channel, data- and demand-driven supply chain and opting for cleaner modes of transport such as by river or sea. We’ve also undertaken not to transport any of our products by air and to speed up our use of transport solutions based on alternative energy sources, such as natural gas, electricity and hydrogen.