Our products

At Adeo, to do our job well while limiting our impact on the environment, we explore every available avenue for improvement. Our goal is continuous improvement in all areas, from packaging and product design to transport and waste management. Because we all want to live in a more positive world.

Our mission: respond more effectively to inhabitants’ home-related needs

Our Product, Purchasing, Quality and Supply Chain teams work together to offer solutions co-developed with our customers, to more effectively meet all their expectations: high-quality products and services that are offered at affordable prices and have a positive impact on people and the planet. Our role is to serve as a platform between inhabitants and an industry with which we produce the private-label products that make us proud – products that are designed for and with the inhabitants who use them.

A positive approach based on eco-design

At Adeo, we sell and distribute more than four billion products per year. This means we have an enormous responsibility in terms of the social and environmental impact of our operations, both during production and transportation and across our network of sales outlets.

That’s why we’re adapting our ranges to meet our “Positive Products” criteria by taking an eco-design approach based on five drivers that reflect the product lifecycle:

  • SAFE for people and the planet
  • PRODUCED RESPONSIBLY in terms of human rights, labour rights and pollution prevention
  • Designed to improve the home’s ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE, in terms of water and energy use, for example.

Adapting our supply chain

To meet our customers’ delivery needs while reducing our environmental impact, we’re adapting our supply chain into an omni-channel, data- and demand-driven supply chain and opting for cleaner modes of transport such as by river or sea. We’ve also undertaken not to transport any of our products by air and to speed up our use of transport solutions based on alternative energy sources, such as natural gas, electricity and hydrogen.