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Faced with climate change, it is urgent that we act to make energy savings. Practical solutions exist and are affordable to all, such as the smart home. Explanation

In France, we have 8 million thermal sieves. As the energy transition becomes an unavoidable priority, finding effective solutions to improve the energy efficiency of these homes is crucial.


According to the FNAIM (a French professional real estate union), French housing stock counts between 7 to 8 million energy-intensive homes. Known as thermal strainers, these homes, which are generally poorly insulated, consume a great deal of energy and heating. At a time when climate change remains a major concern and the risks of strain on electricity networks are high, the Director of the RTE (French national electricity grid) has recently called for the “rapid and wide-spread deployment of automated tools” to make energy savings in energy-intensive housing.


Automation for less energy-intensive homes

Acting to lower energy consumption today is easy and accessible to all. While the energy renovation of buildings can prove complex and expensive, the smart home constitutes a pertinent solution for controlling energy consumption. Easy to use, these solutions provide a smart approach to regulating our energy consumption in order to reduce it. Plug sockets, light bulbs, thermostats, heaters, rolling blinds… there exist more and more of these connected objects for the home, which can be controlled via a single application or a remote controller. At Leroy Merlin, one in two radiators is natively connected and tomorrow, this will be the case for all the principal sectors of the home.


The Enki application for a positive home

Improving the home to make it positive, by making it healthier, saving energy and water from responsible resources, is one of ADEO’s major commitments. And to do this, the brands from the platform are developing positive and accessible solutions that contribute to a more responsible consumption. This is the purpose of the connected application Enki, developed by the teams at Leroy Merlin France. With Enki, private individuals can easily reduce the environmental impact of their homes by controlling, at home or remotely, their heating and motorised systems!


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Home automation solutions: an affordable approach to the issue of energy sobriety

Did you know?


1/5 greenhouse gas emissions
are caused by the home


F and G are the energy performance diagnoses
of an energy-intensive home (source FNAIM)


1 in 5 French homes
is today equipped with a connected object