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Since their creation, all ADEO companies have developed based on 2 pillars: human development and home improvement. Each year, we write a report on ADEO’s human and environmental impact: the Statement of Extra-Financial Performance.


This report highlights, on the one hand, the human development of the company using numerous practical examples, figures and rates that exist on the topic and, on the other hand, the improvement of the home with the environmental evolutions that our products, our consumption bring about… and all that we undertake, in all the ADEO companies around the world. What matters to us is that our companies, wherever they are, act with solidarity, safety and optimal environmental impact.


Human development


People are at the heart of our business, we learn and grow with our employees, our customers, our partners and our suppliers. Women and men are the driving force behind all the actions we undertake: working and improving our offer, co-built with our customers, offering services in line with our ecosystems, and experiencing and building exceptional human relationships in our various communities. Putting people at the heart of our culture is rooted in our mentality (our way of relating to others) as well as in our know-how (processes, systems, business techniques). The Human at heart is what makes all the difference today, and will continue to do so tomorrow.


Home improvement


Home improvement is our main purpose. Improving the home is an incredible mission. And to do so with responsibility and by contributing to a better environmental, human and economic balance, is to be truly USEFUL to the inhabitants of the world. We want to make our homes, our planet, a better place to live, because our first home is the planet. So our responsibility and contribution to a better world for all is no longer a separate issue. This is the purpose of the 150,000 ADEO leaders who are building the worldwide home improvement platform to make all home solutions possible and accessible to inhabitants. For the home to be useful to the world, it must be positive, which implies energy and water efficient, healthier, made from responsible resources and manufactured with respect for people and the environment. The integration of the positive dimension into the worldwide home improvement platform is embodied by the “We Make It Positive” approach.