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Since its launch in 2017, the ADEO marketplace has transformed the way consumers and professional customers buy products and services related to home improvement.

«Our objective is clear: to become the preferred marketplace of European inhabitants.»

Loïc Dilly, Products and Technologies Manager at ADEO, talks to us in more detail.


Can you define for us, what a marketplace is?


Loïc Dilly: A marketplace is a platform that puts customers in contact with sellers.
The marketplace enables companies to integrate additional products from third party sellers into their e-commerce sites and mobile apps. For ADEO, this means offering an extended range of products and services, which meet a variety of complementary needs compared to those usually on offer in stores and on their websites.


When and how was the ADEO marketplace launched?


Loïc Dilly: The first ADEO marketplace was launched in 2017 with Leroy Merlin Brazil. In Europe, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the launch of the marketplace in May 2020 at Leroy Merlin France.
This acceleration meant that ADEO was able to meet the growing needs of customers in terms of online purchases. Since then, other ADEO companies have opened their marketplace: Leroy Merlin South Africa in 2020, Leroy Merlin Italy in 2021, Bricoman France and Leroy Merlin Spain in 2022 and Leroy Merlin Portugal in 2023.


What is the role of our partners in the success of the ADEO marketplace?


Loïc Dilly: ADEO relies on strategic partners to enrich its offer. One of our goals is to create value for our partners by allowing them to benefit from our traffic, visibility and our solutions. These partnerships enable sellers to develop new sales channels, to extend their offer internationally and to win over new customers.


How do you ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of products?


Loïc Dilly: To ensure efficient and reliable delivery, ADEO works with transporter partners. We favour home delivery and drop-off points, this guarantees an optimal customer experience thanks to real-time notifications on delivery status.


What are the main advantages of the marketplace for customers, partners and ADEO companies?


Loïc Dilly: The ADEO marketplace offers a number of advantages. For customers, it allows for an extended product selection to meet 100% of their needs. For partners, it offers a platform for reaching new markets without the constraints of the traditional retail model. They also benefit from the power of our brand and the traffic that we generate. From their standpoint, ADEO companies benefit from rapidly profitable business, with increased web traffic and the ability to test new product categories without heavy investment.


What are your ambitions for the ADEO marketplace?


Loïc Dilly: We are focusing on three main areas: geographical expansion, the conquest of the professional market and the integration of omnichannel solutions. Our objective is clear: to become the preferred marketplace of European inhabitants.


How does the ADEO marketplace align with the positive impacts initiative?


Loïc Dilly: We promote products with a positive environmental impact, such as solar panels and water collection systems. Although the Home Index is not yet applied to marketplace products, ADEO makes every effort to promote virtuous practices with its sellers.
As of July 2024, the marketplace is committed to providing its customers with wood-based products that have exclusively FSC or PEFC certification. At the same time, certain commitments are required of ADEO partners: their head office must be established in Europe and the quality of their products must comply with ADEO standards. Any breach of these commitments detected results in the partner’s products being withdrawn from sale. They must also sign our Responsible Purchasing Code, currently signed by 99.6% of partners. This selection and rigour guarantee the alignment of sellers with our values and a coherent and quality offering for our customers.


In conclusion, what does the ADEO marketplace represent for the home improvement sector?


Loïc Dilly: Our marketplace represents a major step forward in the home improvement sector.
By combining a diversified offer, strategic partners and efficient logistics, we are redefining the standards of customer and partner experience. With a clear vision and high ambitions, ADEO continues to lay the path towards a promising future for all our customers, partners and companies.


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