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In this interview, Rodney Green, Business Leader at ADEO Productions and initiator of the XTEND project, shares his vision and takes us behind the scenes of this project that enables ADEO to do business differently, via a new sales model and all over the world.

Become the global reference for B2B partnership in the home improvement sector with Xtend


In a few words, what is the XTEND project?

XTEND is an innovative initiative that aims to create a worldwide network of B2B partners to market our Inhabitants’ brands (MDH) throughout the world. Our ambition is clear: to serve a maximum number of people outside the countries where we are physically established, based on a partnership model.


How did the XTEND project come about?

In light of our mission as retailers, we took advantage of an opportunity that was presented to us.
In April 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were contacted by a DIY company on the other side of the globe, who were looking for products available for sale. Along with Carlos Malo, we immediately seized the opportunity, offering our MDH products for sale, not knowing how we were going to carry through given our organisation at the time. The demand for Naterial products quickly became a reality, which then prompted us to explore the possibility of marketing all of our MDH products outside the ADEO Group.

Does this project require a significant change in mentality? Can you tell us more about this?

Absolutely. XTEND demands a radical change in the way that we approach our business. We go from being purchasers to being suppliers, which involves a fundamental change in our approach and our mindset. It’s by fully adopting this new identity that we will be able to successfully move forward with XTEND, while drawing on the current strengths of Adeo Productions.


Can you give us a few examples and explain why certain MDH* are more difficult to market than others?

I would prefer to tell you about what we sell rather than what we don’t sell!
The trademarks Inspire, Standers, Dexter, Sensea and Naterial are the primary product ranges recommended to partners who want to work with us. Contrary to expectations, the competitiveness and appeal of our universal products remain constant, regardless of the size or maturity of the market. However, some products are more difficult to sell due to their complexity, local regulations or logistical requirements, for example our range of chemical products and paint such as AXTON and LUXENS. In the long term, our goal is to sell all our own brands, regardless of these constraints.


With your team, how did you address the development of XTEND and what were the first steps?

The project for developing our products on a B2B basis has been an exciting and collaborative adventure since its beginnings, with a team that we’ve gradually built up along the way. We began exploring new opportunities by establishing partnerships with specialist DIY superstores. During these early days we learnt about the partners’ needs, their expectations and in particular, we were able to recognise where we were lacking in terms of know-how and tools. It was based on these first experiences that we were able to plan ahead and start building the project.


How did you go about promoting our MDH?

To start with, it wasn’t easy! Thankfully, we received crucial support at the end of 2020 with the arrival of the MDH Data tool that centralises our MDH offer. Gradually, we adapted it to meet the specific needs of our partners. Today, thanks to this tool, our partners can access a personalised offer wherever they are in the world.
Meanwhile, we have developed content for our partners’ websites and organised remote training in collaboration with the market teams from Adeo Productions to present the quality and variety of our products. Of course, we have also welcomed a number of leaders from these partner companies to our premises to explain our industrial approach to them and enable them to see our products close up.


What areas is XTEND focusing on at the moment and what are your ambitions for the future?

XTEND is focusing on several aspects, particularly the development of our network of partners, the optimisation of logistics processes and the implementation of digital tools to facilitate transactions. For the future, our vision is clear: we want to become the global reference for B2B partnerships in the home improvement sector for interior finishing products.


*MDH: these are our own brands, also known as “Marques des Habitants” (Inhabitants’ Private Labels).
ADEO has 15 MDH that cover every aspect of inhabitants’ home improvement needs.
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