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Giant steps have been made in developing home automation over recent years, with innovations that transform our homes into truly connected and smart spaces. ENKI is at the heart of this revolution, a platform for the interoperability of connected objects (IoT) which pushes back the boundaries of home connectivity. In this exclusive interview, we met with Laurent Glaser, who takes us on a deep-dive into the fascinating universe of ENKI.

The development of ENKI

7 years ago, it all started with the ambitious idea of creating a platform developed in Lille that makes it possible to command all the connected objects of a home using a simple and intuitive application. Today, ENKI is much more than just a simple application. It is a complete solution, bringing together more than 25 brands and more than 550 products, which all aim to improve the everyday routines of inhabitants in terms of security and now, in terms of energy management.


Technology available to all

ENKI makes the smart home available to all by offering technology that is straightforward and intuitive, useful and accessible. Thanks to its versatility, this platform meets a multitude of needs, from simple lighting controls to the more demanding control of security and energy management systems. With ENKI, everyone can now pilot the functions of their home with ease, whether using a smartphone, vocal commands or remote controls.
«From the simplest of projects to the most demanding, with ENKI the idea is to provide a helpful solution to everyone, whatever their project, and one that’s affordable»
Laurent Glaser, Director of ENKI business-line teams.


Real energy-savings

ENKI is not just a practical solution, it’s also a concrete response to real energy issues. Using its inbuilt features such as the programming of heating and the analysis of electricity consumption via the Linky meter, ENKI enables its users to save up to 15%* on their energy bill, while at the same time reducing their environmental footprint.

* According to ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition


ENKI 2.0 towards a more sustainable home

The latest version of ENKI, dubbed “ENKI 2.0”, marks a major step in the development of the application. Designed to offer an optimal user experience, this version features a modernised design, improved functionality and an intuitive user interface. In addition, new features such as the Energy Coach allow users to make significant energy-savings, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable home.


To find out more about the Energy Coach, you can click here 


A collaborative ecosystem

The success of ENKI is the result of close collaboration between a number of entities, such as ADEO Productions with the brands Lexman, Equation, Inspire and our Leroy Merlin France teams.
We are also working with major French industrial groups around energy, and recently with an automotive manufacturer for our Lexman electric charging stations. This open and collaborative approach allows ENKI to blend into the domestic ecosystem, thus offering a consistent and rewarding experience for users.

«Our visits to inhabitants have enabled us to collect precious feedback in order to shape our application according to their uses and needs. As well as lending an attentive ear to feedback from the teams in store» 


To find out more about ADEO brands, you can click here


Future vision

For Laurent, connectivity promises rapid expansion in the field of controlling energy management.
In the short-term, the IoT becomes an essential element both before and after energy renovation. There is also a crucial challenge ahead in terms of charging points for electric vehicles as well as around solar panels. Connectivity is on the verge of becoming a central and essential pillar of energy management for inhabitants. In the long-term, it could also contribute to adapting homes to the needs of senior citizens, by providing them with a comfortable, secure, reassuring and economically optimised environment, in order to extend their autonomy at home for as long as possible.

ENKI embodies the promise of a smarter home, one that is more environmentally friendly and that serves the well-being and comfort of inhabitants.



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