Звертаємо вашу увагу на можливі спроби шахрайства.

Ми ніколи не попросимо вас повідомити особисту інформацію.
Зверніть увагу, що всі офіційні адреси електронної пошти ADEO мають таку структуру: "ім'я.прізвище@adeo.com", жоден інший формат не використовується.
Будьте обережні!

We are shocked by the elements published this morning by the newspaper Le Monde. We formally deny all allegations concerning Leroy Merlin, without restriction and without ambiguity.


As a reminder, as soon as the war in Ukraine began, ADEO, group of Leroy Merlin Russia, decided to stop :


  •  its new investments in Russia,
  •  the import of products from Russia,
  • any financing for Leroy Merlin Russia.


Since then, Leroy Merlin Russia strictly has respected this position, as well as all the restrictive measures implemented by the European Union countries.


Regarding the construction work of a store in Vladimir mentioned in the article, it was launched in 2021 before the war started. This building is not our property, and the developer continued the work.
In accordance with our commitments, Leroy Merlin will not open this store. This applies to all Leroy Merlin stores that had not yet opened by February 24, 2022 in Russia.


We strictly prohibit donations to political parties or movements, religious organizations and organizations related to military conflicts. Other solidarity actions are subject to strict control procedures: in this case, no such actions have been validated by Leroy Merlin in Russia.