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Just over 15 years after creating Zôdio, ADEO considers selling the company to Alinea.


The aim of this merger project of two companies which operate in the same shareholder ecosystem and share common values, is to enable them to reach the critical size required to ensure the long-term viability of their business, and strengthen sustainable development.


In this project, Zôdio would transfer over to the Alinea brand. Encouraged by a complete repositioning and by the results of its new concept in a promising market, the Alinea brand would be strengthened by the Zôdio store network and its teams.
The company’s ambition is to rapidly become a major player in the French furniture and home decoration market.


This merger would imply the necessity to share human and structural resources, with the willingness to maintain the vast majority of in-store jobs.


This project is currently being discussed with the relevant employee representative committees, in compliance with the legal procedure.