OUR AMBITION You are pro, we too! OUR PRODUCT OFFERING Find 17,500 references and 230 brands of technical products and equipment for building professionals and their environment. We offer multiple services to make your life easier! Teaming up with ProBox means supporting you with an innovative service offering, specially designed to make everyday life easier. In our basecamp, online or via our commercial platform we provide you with a multitude of services: office space, customized training, express delivery, key duplication, 3D printer ... and many more! OUR UNIQUE PROFILE Each store called "basecamp" is both "a place of transaction and logistics, and at the same time a place of life".

Onde se encontra a PROBOX?

Our first 2 basecamps are present in France in Genevilliers and Aubevilliers in the Paris region.


700 m2
2 " basecamps"
17,500 products