We are human first

Adeo is a team of 150,000 leaders united by a shared goal to meet a global challenge: helping inhabitants around the world to make their homes better – healthier, more comfortable, and more in tune with their beliefs. It’s a challenge in which people play a central role.

Better housing: a positive social impact

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Improving inhabitants’ living environment generates a positive impact for local economies, but also for local communities and for society in general.

Driven by a desire to help as many people as possible, our leaders often involve our companies in community-led support  initiatives alongside non-profit organisations and local officials. Some participate, for example, in home renovation programmes for destitute families and disaster victims.

People values

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Adeo is a community of close-knit companies that put people at the centre of their value systems. We forge high-quality, customised and caring “human-to-human” relationships with all our customers, suppliers and partners. By staying closely connected, we learn from each other and grow together. Adeo works for and with inhabitants and home improvement professionals to develop a portfolio of products and services that are easily accessible and environmentally responsible. Our people-centred approach is a unique strength that gives us a major competitive advantage.

Skills development

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Investing in our human capital – by training our teams and giving them access to recognised qualifications – is one of the key commitments we’ve made to our employees.

By facilitating talent development through internal promotions and professional upskilling and by preparing our employees for the jobs of the future, we’re strengthening our expertise and our impact and creating even more value for local communities.