A global player with local expertise

As a global home improvement specialist, we make an even bigger effort to understand the needs of our local markets. A home that is healthy, comfortable and adapted to its environment is a fundamental human need. That’s why we continuously adapt our products and services to the specific characteristics of our local markets, to the needs of local communities and to the methods used by local professionals.

Respecting local cultures and ecosystems

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Every home around the world is part of a particular culture, with its own practices and preferences in terms of materials and constructions methods. To respect local customs and cultures and contribute to creating homes that suit their occupants, we’ve decided to open our marketplaces to local manufacturers and contractors.

We forge ties with entire networks of installation service providers and strengthen our local expertise by building bridges with partners. Working with local players also has other advantages, including fast deliveries, a more fluid local economy and a smaller carbon footprint.

Individualising and improving homes generates a positive impact for the local economy and community, and contributes towards building a sustainable future for everyone.

Managing our environmental impact locally

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The goal is to protect and promote biodiversity in the areas where we operate, through a better understanding of our ecosystem. That’s why Adeo implements practical initiatives to preserve the natural environment. Examples include encouraging people to plant trees as a resource for future generations and participating in World Clean Up Day. While a single day isn’t enough to clean up the whole planet, it does raise awareness and promote good habits.

Because we mustn’t forget that the one place we all call home is planet Earth.