Who are Adeo’s partners?

All Adeo companies share the same objective: to help inhabitants around the world improve their homes, while generating a positive impact. Aware that we cannot meet this challenge alone, we’ve developed a large community of partners who share our values and our inhabitants-oriented approach.

In addition to our customers, Adeo brings together a vast ecosystem of partners that includes suppliers, service providers, franchisees and investors.

Finding solutions with our suppliers

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Our number one partners are our suppliers. Together, we strive to find solutions that are innovative, efficient, competitive, practical and environmentally responsible.

And when they don’t exist, we invent them together, pooling our research and development capabilities as part of our platform-based approach.

A vast network of partners

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Our partners include:

  • Tradespeople, the home improvement professionals whose skills development needs we help to meet.
  • Our franchisees, who benefit from the purchasing power of a global leader, the support provided by our centralised services, and the strength of our logistics capabilities.
  • Everyone who supports our development strategy over the long term by sharing their local knowledge or their network of professional and institutional contacts.
  • And of course, our customers. From delivery and installation solutions to loyalty programmes, we’re constantly innovating on every front to make life easier for our customers.

Do you provide home improvement solutions?

Welcome to Adeo’s supplier portal, a platform dedicated entirely to industry professionals.