Adeo employees: a team of 150,000 leaders

At Adeo, everyone’s a leader! By helping to create social, economic and environmental value in local communities around the world, our 150,000 dedicated employees are leading the way to a better future.

Leadership skills

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To remain committed and engaged, all our employees must have the opportunity to develop their skills, achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams – so that they enjoy what they do and are confident about the future. Through skills development, employee recognition and varied, progressive, personalised experiences, Adeo companies give everyone a chance to develop their individual leadership skills. As digital transformation gains pace, we are committed to continuously updating our training practices and focusing on readying people for the jobs of the future , to ensure that every member of our team has the opportunity to boost their career and their employability.

A culture of sharing

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Every Adeo leader must adhere to a strong set of values and embrace our culture of sharing. By sharing, we strengthen our employees’ WILL and commitment to be part of one team. By offering a variety of opportunities to learn, train and teach, Adeo companies invest in talent, enhance KNOWLEDGE and give everyone the ABILITY to play their part in generating a positive impact.

By creating economic, “human” and environmental value with the help of our 130,000 leaders, we also share our OWNERSHIP.

A collaborative approach to development

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Adeo is a pioneer in participative management. As a result, all our employees are united by a shared, meaningful purpose that we chose together. At Adeo, everyone takes part in the decision-making process and helps to shape the Group’s future.

This culture of sharing and collaboration significantly enhances employee engagement. Every employee contributes to Adeo’s overall performance and to its long-term growth.