A diverse range of jobs and a career for every employee

Adeo companies give everyone a chance to succeed. A sales assistant can become a store manager, an area supervisor can take on national responsibilities or even become a computer programmer – or vice-versa! By providing opportunities to move up, change jobs and shape their own career, Adeo enables every employee to face the future with confidence.

Rewarding careers in a variety of jobs

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Adeo employs people in over 300 job categories relating to home improvement, including sales, marketing, procurement, logistics, e-commerce, digital technology and data management.

Thanks to the training network being set up for all Adeo companies, our 150,000 employees and 100,000 partner tradespeople can continue to develop and enhance their skills, become specialists in their field or move into a new job , regardless of their age. The goal is to enable everyone to do a job they love and build a sustainable future.

Continuously enhanced expertise

Skills and training for the jobs of the future

Retail remains our core business. But to help our customers bring their projects to life, we need to be experts in home improvement solutions. By giving our customers good ideas and advice, we make their lives easier and earn their trust. That’s why Adeo employees can access training programmes throughout their careers to acquire the specialised expertise necessary to meet all our customers’ needs – whether face-to-face or remotely, and even if those needs are particularly technical.

As a result of automation, robotisation and other technological developments, as well as changing uses and lifestyles, 30% of today’s jobs will evolve significantly, or disappear completely, within the next 20 years. To provide everyone with genuine career prospects, we need to be prepared. Remote customer service representative, digital developer, or energy and waste manager... Adeo employees can train today in jobs that will be essential tomorrow for a leader in positive home improvement solutions.

Adeo: jobs that inspire passion

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They boost our e-commerce business, develop solutions that make life easier for our customers, and help to improve inhabitants’ homes. Discover some of our jobs through the eyes of our employees: