The Adeo community

Every day, the 150,000 men and women who work for Adeo companies play a part in creating better, more positive homes, while also striving to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge and improve their interactions with others. But they don’t do it alone. They forge ties with those around them, create local skills networks, and build bridges with a variety of partners.

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Every Adeo employee is a committed leader, a team player and an active contributor to an important cause: enabling a better living environment for everyone. United by a desire to be useful and a company culture built on the concept of sharing, our 150,000 leaders collectively fulfil Adeo’s corporate purpose, while also developing their individual leadership skills.

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To meet the day-to-day challenges of home improvement, Adeo interacts with all the parties involved in carrying out the inhabitants’ project. From suppliers, tradespeople and delivery service providers to franchisees and investors, we build trust-based partnerships with everyone who shares our values and our customer-oriented approach.

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Home improvement professionals share Adeo’s desire to help inhabitants improve their living environment. We therefore support them in developing their skills and businesses, at our specialised stores, through our marketplaces, and in the spaces our brands dedicate to industry professionals.

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Adeo employs people in over 300 job categories that are continuously evolving. We give all our employees the opportunity to update their skills and acquire new ones, while also helping our companies adapt to maintain our leadership in the home improvement market.

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Joining Adeo gives you access to a multitude of jobs and a vast network of companies located around the world. Whatever your profile, skills and preferences, Adeo is sure to have a job for you!