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110,000 Leaders, 1 Leadership

Each and every ADEO leader is an entrepreneur and contributor.
Our leadership model meets both individual and collective expectations: together, we act positively on the planet, our common home, by being useful to ourselves, to others and to the world.

We offer our employees a "human deal" based on a rationale of mutual value creation. It engages women and men to act both for themselves and for the collective within a unique culture of sharing.

Employee leaders, entrepreneurs and contributors…


Being a leader,
means having a personalised, varied and fast-paced working experience. It means making decisions with autonomy and responsibility. Our employees build the future by being useful and developing their potential thanks to the training and mobility opportunities offered by ADEO companies. They benefit from the participation in profits in the form of progress bonuses and profit sharing, and 100,000 of them are shareholders.


Being an entrepreneur,
is to be part of an open and connected organisation where everyone can act as a leader of their communities, in connection with their ecosystem in a logic of mutual benefit. Daring and undertaking in close proximity to inhabitants, professionals, partners, citizens and users of our platforms is a major strength of our DNA.


Being a contributor,
is to be part of a group that puts people at the heart of its concerns. Human relations are rich in sharing, the teams are united, facilitated by benevolent and engaging managers. Each employee contributes, at his or her level, to building our platform for a positive home.


… who feel good in their job


In order for each employee, individually and collectively, to develop their talent and experience real leadership, they must have the best possible working conditions. That’s why, in 2019, we implemented a continuous improvement approach to our human resources policy.


We measure the commitment and satisfaction of all employees using a key indicator: the Employee eXperience Index (EXI). This listening and regular analysis of the employee experience allows us to create a virtuous circle in which our teams feel more and more considered and involved in what they experience at work.


This measure can only be effective if it is accompanied by concrete actions ‘in the field’. ADEO companies deploy the necessary initiatives to constantly improve the well-being of our teams.


Being an ADEO leader means feeling good about your job so that you can share a common motivation: the desire to act in a positive manner, to know how to share in order to constantly evolve, and to be able to act to create value. Joining our companies means becoming an entrepreneur of the future, an ambassador of positive living.


for the Employee Net Promoter Score (EXI)

between 2020 and 2021

More than 50,000


recruited over 5 years


of ADEO employees

are trained in the ADEO Code of Ethical Conduct