An irreversible commitment
Deeply rooted in our values, CSR is of course a central preoccupation for each of our
30 companies that combine balanced finances with local adaptation, autonomy and
best practices.
CSR is not something one can claim; it lives in our responsible and shared commitments:
Being a responsible employer,
by respecting, sharing and providing the guaranty of a safe working
environment where it is a pleasure to work and where one can be the actor of their personal and
professional development.
Contributing to a sustainable and affordable living environment
by offering healthy and
quality products to our customer-inhabitants, who, as much as our suppliers, are co-actors in our
sustainable approach.
Limiting the environmental footprint
caused by the conception, the construction or the
renovation of our stores. We strongly tend towards a sustainable energetic approach, by giving
priority to the use of renewable energies; as well as towards a rational use of resources, by
reducing water and energy consumption, limiting paper consumption; towards a sustainable
waste management, by reducing how much waste we produce but also by reusing it; and
finally, towards a sustainable supply chain by reducing our footprint and by promoting the
use of alternative means of transportation.
Getting involved in the communities,
and working towards a common approach by
being involved in the life of the cities and town, working with NGOs, discussing with
experts on sustainable habitat. Solidarity initiatives from our co-workers are encouraged
and supported through tangible actions.
Convinced that his strategy is pertinent and that it is a necessity for the environment,
ADEO is sure that its companies are up to this major challenge.
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