Placed 3
in the international DIY market,
the companies of ADEO
achieved a turnover of 17.3 billion Euros
in 2014 and an annual growth of 6,5 %.
Present in 12 countries, they gather
more than 87 000 co-workers
within 15 brands organized
in 5 types of activities,
with more than 990 stores
serving 300 millions of
« customer-inhabitants » per year.
ADEO’s capital is held by two shareholders:
l’Association Familiale Mulliez (AFM),
majority shareholder,
and employee shareholders,
who hold approximately 10,5 %.
A singular identity
Keu figures as of June 30, 2015
ADEO bears a twofold ambition:
Make a sustainable habitat available
to the largest number
Mobilize, structure and boost the
network of autonomous
and interconnected
Present on all the market segments that supply private individuals and professionals in the sectors of
home and lifestyle improvement, and DIY, we offer innovative solutions and products dedicated to
the habitat of tomorrow, both locally and online. Helping the largest number to make their habitat
sustainable means accompanying each customer-inhabitant in making their home safer, healthier,
more economical and more fulfilling.
This is the raison d’être of the
30 autonomous
and agile
federated by ADEO.
Interconnected and decentralized, they function both autonomously and collaboratively, each
locally developing their own brand.
United by founding values, [and a singular human dimension] they ceaselessly give priority to
the personal and professional development of each individual by relying on
4 practices
Enable everyone to co-construct the vision of the future:
Enable everyone to gain and develop their skills:
Know How
Enable everyone to be autonomous and enterprising:
Enable everyone to benefit from our financial performance:
Driven by strong convictions, they look at business and human dimensions
in a way that favours passion : passion for the professions, passion for undertaking.
At the heart of this dynamic:
Customer satisfaction
Adeo, is ire, ii ou ivi, ium, vi, vt
Go to or in, approaching, go find, visit, reach, accost
Extract from the Latin-French F. Gaffiot dictionary
Edition Hachette - 1959
Adeo : adv
So much, much more: denoting a gradation used to highlight something
Extract from the Latin-French Ch. Lebaigue dictionnary
Edition Belin – 1937
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