The passion for people is engraved in our genes. ADEO companies all share a sense of
belonging and together they cultivate a mutual respect for their differences. Whether
large or small, integrated or franchised, new arrival or long with the group, each entity
is granted autonomy in its field of action. Providing a working environment based on
listening and diversity, but also on sharing the fruits of a common work is what make
up the strength of a responsible network of entrepreneurs.
Powerful singular values…
People are a genuine value for the group, a vital link placed at the very heart of the company
and an integral part of the group’s success year after year. All ADEO employees uphold the
powerful, singular values that are the foundation of the group’s personality:
honesty, simpli-
city, closeness, generosity, respect for others, consistency and a spirit of performance.
These values are embodied and lived in each company, in line with its country and culture, and
are reflected each day in the actions and behavior of every employee.
…that are part of a philosophy of sharing
A human and employment policy that benefits everyone, encouraging wellbeing and perso-
nal development so as to better satisfy customers and generate a wealth of advantages to
be shared by all. This philosophy is more than mere words: it has a human dimension and
is made more powerful through practice in four forms of sharing:
sharing Determination,
Knowledge, Power and Resources.
Recognised companies, committed employees
Guided by these values, ADEO companies are being recognized around the world through
many awards, such as the “Great Place to Work® Institute”.
Several ADEO companies are regularly featured in a number of rankings, particularly in
France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Brazil and Greece.
Because there is no other wealth than people, at ADEO, people are at the heart of
each company, in this grand human adventure in which sharing means growing.
A collective dynamic
Sharing Determination
The determination of each employee to be
an actor in the long-range plans of his or her
company, to share the company’s vision and
commit to its future.
Sharing Knowledge
Behind these words lies a personal and
personalised management style that strongly
encourages continuing education and
information for People.
Sharing Power
ADEO encourages each employee to be a
responsible and independent entrepreneur.
Sharing Resources
Guided by a dynamic of improvement,
co-workers share the financial success of their
store, their company and become shareholders
in the group.
Behind these words lies a “homemade”
management style, major factor of our
lasting performance.
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