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Delamaison.fr is the leading French player in online decoration and furniture.
The website opened in 2005 and it offers a wide range of home products: 30,000 pro-
ducts and 350 brands are available online and can be delivered in Metropolitan France,
Corsica or Monaco.
Created in 2002 joined Delamaison.fr in 2009. More stylistically imprinted than his
older Brother, the banner provides 15,000 products and 200 brands.
Launched in 2007, Deco-smart offers the best in home decoration and design via a
catalogue of designer brands and private sales taking place every day.
Indoor and outdoor furniture, tableware, decorative objects, lighting etc…. Deco-
smart offers a cutting-edge catalogue of trending design products. Deco-smart
carefully selects items from prestigious brands to sell at knock-down prices in
its private sales, with discounts of up to 86%.
Created in 2009, lightonline.fr is an e-commerce website that offers more than
6,000 contemporary lamps from a large selection of European designers.
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